DOI 2018

Join us at the Open Integrations Day Conference 2018

DOI 2018

The largest edition thus far, this year’s Conference brings together fantastic speakers, a rich Demo Room and 8 technology workshops

Reserve March 22 and join us at the new edition of KING ICT business and technology Open Integrations Day Conference, to be held in Zagreb starting at 9:30.

The 13th edition of Open Integrations Day brings together businesspeople, scientists and the expert public, promotes ideas and opens up key issues in Croatian society and economy. This year, we talk about the ideas that build a successful digital society. What concrete steps are we taking towards this goal? Digital Single Market strategy of the European Commission proposes abolishing regulatory barriers and moving from a national digital market to a single and unified market.

How much did the internet and digital technology really change the European economy and society? Where is Croatia in all that and are we keeping pace? We will find out from Irina Orssich, a DG Connect representative, and the Vice-President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) in charge of industry, IT, energy and environmental protection, Tomislav Radoš will reveal the results of a major study on the digitization degree of Croatian companies. How does digital transformation look in the real life of particular, significant Croatian industries? A roundtable discussion on this topic, moderated by Lider’s editor Miodrag Šajatović, brings together President of Croatia Insurance Company Damir Vanđelić, member of Management Board of Privredna banka Zagreb Draženko Kopljar, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - University of Zagreb Nedeljko Štefanić, and Andrej Šimatić, senior manager at Horwath HTL Croatia.

The concept of digital maturity of schools is increasingly gaining importance in the modern education system. In digitally mature school technology is involved in school work, and e-School project awarded one of the best education projects in the world, contributed to this vision the most so far. At what stage are we and what the future brings, reveals Andrijana Prskalo Maček, deputy director of CARNet and head of the e-School project. When we look at the overall picture, we come to the conclusion that the basic driver of every individual, community, and society is - the idea.

Numerous projects have been successfully realized thanks to the idea, the willpower and the desire for achievement, and Davor Rostuhar is the best example of it. The author of 6 travel books and a photography project "National Geographic’s Croatia from the Air" will exclusively reveal the details of his latest project – the expedition to the South Pole, which lasted for 47 days, during which he crossed 1163 km on his own, without food delivery, dragging all the equipment in a sleigh weighing 135 kg.

Besides excellent sessions, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about 20 innovative solutions in the Demo Room and participate in our 8 technology workshops that will prepare them for the challenges of the digital age.

Participation at the conference is free, you can register via the official website.




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